Accessories/Tools for Spring Machines

1 - Bulbous heads – for light cleaning in curved pipes

2 - Straight Drilling Heads

3 - Funnel Heads for long curved pipes

4 - Cutting Knives to mill overgrown pipes

5. 4 and 6 blade drills to mill overgrown pipes

6. Retrieving hooks

To remove obstacles from pipes such as cloths, napkins etc.

7 - Diamond shaped heads for pipes tarnished with chalk or urine stones

8 - Chain Heads to clean steel and iron pipes.

The chain heads with cam chains are for cleaning strong polluted pipes.

9 - Repair and quick couplings to connect springs or to repair broken springs

10 - Root Cutters to saw tree roots

11 - Spring Drum Empty for using extra spring

12 - Metal Case for accessories

13 - Inlet Guide tube to guide the spring in difficult places

14 –18 - Accessories for suitcase spring machines with nut/stift couplings