Jetter with Venturi Vacuum Tank

Jetter with jetter-with-venturi vacuum tankenturi-vacuum-tank
  • 500 litres watertank
  • Compact solution
  • Suitable in combination with Rioned AquaJet or UrbanJet
  • Maintenance-free
  • Venturi injection system
Turn your Ford Transit, Mercedes Benz Vito, or similar van into a single resolution vehicle with this compact venturi vacuum tank. The 500 liter suction unit is ideal to empty grease traps or clear heavily polluted drains. The weight is kept light as the suction power is provided by a venturi system built up. As there is no vacuum pump, the unit is practically maintenance-free. This system is suitable in combination with the Rioned AquaJet and UrbanJet. Do you have another machine in mind? Then we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you!