Maxprobe™ 120

Maxprobe 120

The Maxprobe™ 120 is the largest reel in the Scanprobe Techniques push-rod camera system family, with a longer and thicker rod for the bigger jobs. With the same user-enhancements and stability features as the rest of the Maxprobe™ range, including a sunlight readable screen and pneumatic tyres, this is the ultimate big brother.

– Reel: 49kg
– Box: 5.5kg
Rod Length 120m
Rod Diameter 14mm
Meterage Counter Yes
Voltage 12v DC / 230v AC / 115v AC
Current Ex Power Supply – 1.7A Max
Operating Temp. -10ºC – +50ºC
Charging Temp. 0ºC – 40ºC
Battery Li-ion (9hrs running time)
Dimensions – Reel 1280mm x 840mm x 530mm – Box 360mm x 290mm x 160mm
LCD Display Size 10.4”
Resolution 800 x 600 RGB (SVGA)
IP Rating
– Reel IP54
– Camera IP68
Sonde Frequency 512Hz / 33kHz Optional
– 32Gb—1Tb HHD
– 2x USB 2.1 ports
– 1x SD card port
– 1x Ethernet port
– WinCan Embedded
– Bespoke reporting software
Output 800 x 600 SVGA. DE15 socket. WiFi
Video MPEG4
Image Format JPEG