Scanprobe Maxprobe

The Maxprobe™ is Scanprobe Techniques’ flagship push-rod camera system, designed with the drainage engineer in mind. Not satisfied with just being able to survey pipelines, this camera system is optimised to make the entire process easy, not just when the camera is in the pipe.

Weight – Reel 23.5kg – Box 5.5kg
Rod Length 60m
Rod Diameter 12mm
Meterage Counter Yes
Voltage 12v DC / 230v AC / 115v AC
Current Ex Power Supply – 1.7A Max
Operating Temp. -10ºC – +50ºC
Charging Temp. 0ºC – 40ºC
Battery Li-ion (9hrs running time)
Dimensions – Reel 1010mm x 415mm x 625mm – Box 360mm x 290mm x 160mm
LCD Display Size 10.4”
Resolution 800 x 600 RGB (SVGA)
IP Rating – Reel IP54 – Box IP68
Sonde Frequency 512Hz / 33kHz Optional
Storage – 32Gb—1Tb HHD – 2x USB 2.1 ports – 1x SD card port – 1x Ethernet port
Software – WinCan Embedded – Bespoke reporting software
Output 800 x 600 SVGA. DE15 socket WiFi
Video MPEG4
Image Format JPEG