Minigator 3/8″ Nozzle

Minigator 3/8"
  • Hose Size: 3/8″
  • Pipe Diameters: 60mm – 225mm
  • Weight: 0.65kg
  • Capacity: from 30 lpm

The Minigator Nozzle is the smaller version of the Primus nozzle and offers controlled, dual-speed rotation for superior cleaning and the removal of hard deposits, grease and light roots in sewer and drainage pipes. Manufactured from hardened steel, it comprises three components; a propulsion unit, a lubrication-free drive and a cleaning head. The cleaning head is controlled by a high-performance ceramic clutch disc, allowing for controlled rotation and optimal cleaning power. Due to its compact design, the Mini-Gator can be used from pipe size DN 60. The dynamic and rotating front jet of the Mini-Gator tears up fine hair roots and easily removes grease residues, urine scale, and blockages. The rear jets in the head clean the pipe 360° around and flushes the loosened material to the rear. The Minigator can be used in combination with all common pump capacities from 30 ltr/min.