Nozzle set basic 1/2″

Nozzle set basic 1/2"

Rioned has two complete jetting nozzle sets available for those who always want to have the right tools at hand for all kind of blockages: the Basic and the Professional. The Basic contains all jetting nozzles that everybody should have. The Professional is for more difficult jobs and is equipped with jetting nozzles for bigger and more powerful high pressure jetting machines.

The basic set contains:
– Two mini jetting nozzles 1/8” (open and blind) suitable for a mini high pressure jetting hose
– S31
– High efficiency jetting nozzle
– Front jetter
– Granate jetting nozzle
– Quatro set
– Rotating jetting nozzle stainless steel
– Nozzle needles
– Universal lubricating oil