Remote Jetting Hose Reel

Andy Guest Remote Side Reel

Designed to be compact and robust in demanding environments, our Remote Jetting Hose Reels are custom built to suit requirements.

AG Remote Reels are manufactured to suit requirements in a wide variety of configurations, including tracked, wheeled and dumper arrangements. The unit is ideal for high-pressure jetting in restricted access sites where normal water supply is difficult. This standard remote reel features a one-metre-wide tracked undercarriage, powered by a 19HP diesel engine, with the brake drive driven through a valve chest arrangement. The custom-made frame and hydraulic drive hose reel holds 200 metres of 3/4” jetting hose. The unit is operated via an easy-to-use control panel for reel operation and precision maneuvering. Due to its low ground pressure it is suited for work on sports fields and golf courses.

          • Tracked 1m Wide Undercarriage
          • Kohler Kdw702 Twin-cylinder, Water-cooled 16.5HP Low-Noise Diesel (Brake Drive Driven Through Valve Chest)
          • Reel Capacity – 250M 1” Jetting Hose – Inlet Connectors are Configured to 1” Hose
          • Hydraulic Hose Reel Inclusive of Spool, Motor, Pipework, 1” Selector Shaft
          • Standard Silver – Framework and Hose Reel can be Powder-Coated In Customer’s Colours (RAL Code Required)
          • LED Beacon, 2 x LED Work Lamps
          • 750KG Excluding Jetting Hose
          • Additional Features Include a Hose Guide System, Pressure Gauge, Reel Tip Indicator, and Drop Down Step


          • Wheeled versions available
          • Various size hose reels
          • Configurable undercarriage widths
          • Thermoplastic jetting hose – various specifications available
          • Braked drive motors (in lieu of valve drive arrangement)
          • Seat with seatbelt and anti-roll cage
          • Twin axle transportation trailer
          • Low emission, electro-hydraulic reel systems are available
          • Reel assembly can be painted to match corporate colours (ral code required)
          • Transportable hydro-coiler available for use with pipe breaking system
          • Manual Front Stabiliser Jacks
          • Hydraulic Front Stabiliser Bar
          • 1.2m, 1.5m and 2.0m Wide Reels
          • Electro-Hydraulic Drive System for use Indoors
          • Radio Remote Control



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