RioCom 7.5t Jetvac Combination Unit

RioCom 7.5t jetvac
  • 3.000 litres watertank (2.000 l waste / 1.000 l clean)
  • Fully radio remote controlled jetvac cleaning
  • Compact gully tanker dimensions
  • Secure, shuttered storage space
  • Mechanical tank level indicator for wastewater

The 7.5t RioCom jetvac unit is a popular choice with drainage contractors and utility companies because of its maneuverability in urban areas with limited access. The vehicle is a ULEZ compliant combi unit due to its PTO drive and can also be driven without an HGV license by anyone who passed their test before 1997. This compact sewage tanker is built on a Mitsubishi Fuso Canter chassis featuring a Euro 6 turbo-charged, direct-injection engine. The RioCom jetvac combi incorporates a powerful Jurop PNR82 pump with a suction capacity of 1800 gpm and a high-pressure pump with a capacity of 2200 psi / 22 gpm.