RioFlex 8mm – High-Speed Flexible Shaft Drain Cleaner

RioFlex 8mm - High-Speed Flexible Shaft Drain Cleaner
  • High speed drain cleaning
  • With adjustable radio remote control
  • Spring with flexible outer cover
  • Accessories for PVC en concrete pipes
The new RioFlex high-speed flexible shaft drain cleaning machine has been designed for the rapid removal of rust, cement, lime, and small tree roots in concrete, cast iron, and PVC drains up to 125 mm. Producing up to 3,000 RPM, the high rotation speed means the specialized selection of tools covers every part of the drain wall for thorough cleaning.

The electric engine pack and the reel can be separated and used independently. It is also possible to work with a separate cable and the detachable engine pack. Because the RioFlex uniquely separates into two components, transportation and lifting is a simple and safe task.