Kensway Engineering supply Andy Guest Jetters, Rioned and Used Products. All pre-owned units receive a complete service prior to being putting on sale.

If you prefer to hire your jetting equipment, please head over to our Hire page.

If you already have high pressure jetting equipment or a vacuum tanker or gully tanker that requires servicing or repair, we are able to carry out maintenance in our workshops in East Devon, or we offer a mobile service option available to you. Please contact us for more information.

Cable Machines

Rioned offers a wide range of cable and spring machines for the professional cleaning of drains and sewers. Our products include hand tools such as drain augers and water syphon pumps to clear light blockages, along with HandMatic drum machines, victor suitcase machines and a range of accessories for larger obstructions.

Combination Jetvac Units

Rioned combination jetvac tankers, gully tankers and vacuum suction trailers offer a versatile and cost-effective alternative to larger gully tankers. Our ULEZ compliant compact combination tankers are often used in busy cities and where larger vehicles struggle to gain access. Designed as single resolution vehicles (SRVs) for single-man operation, Rioned jetvac units help contractors reduce operation costs.

High Pressure Jetting Machines

Rioned supplies a wide range of high pressure jetting machines and Combination Jetvac Units. There are skid mounted machines for daily intensive use, but also versatile trailer units and portable jetters.

High Pressure Nozzles

Rioned supply a wide range of high-pressure jetting nozzles, ranging from standard jetter nozzles for everyday tasks, through to specialist root cutters, rotating nozzles, and warthog nozzles. Each nozzle is designed for a specific task, with some designed for unblocking and others for cleaning or grease removal. Our range of sewer jetting nozzles are suitable for use in drains up to 600 mm.

Springs and Accessories

Rioned offers a variety of spring and cable machine replacement parts and accessories to effectively deal with all types of blockages. From 10 mm and upwards, our spring cables can be supplied with a fixed bulbous head or with an easy coupling system to attach additional accessories, such as cable heads, drain auger attachments or drain cutter heads and blades.